Modify A Published Story

Modify a Published Story (or the StoryTeller’s Profile)

Assistance in developing your story is always at hand.  See how we can help.
Your subscription plan allows for a specified number of modifications per year without additional charge.  Depending on the status of your subscription plan, a $45 fee may be required. Upon receipt of your request to modify a published story, the subscription plan activity will be reviewed; and you will receive an invoice showing its status and amount due, if any.

WHEN to use this form:

  • StoryTellers use this form to submit a modification(s) to a story and/or the StoryTeller’s own profile.
  • For initial submissions of stories, use the “Submit story for publishing” form.
  • For the 30 days following the story’s initial draft, there are opportunities to preview the story and submit changes by submitting Modify a Yet-To-Be Published Story form – free of charge.
  • If the only required action is switching subscription plan, do not use this form.  Instead, follow the link “Switch” within the StoryTeller Portal, Administrative Actions.

During its preparations, seek clarifications via the “Modify” link within the StoryTeller Portal, Administration Actions.