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Researchers and other enthusiasts, at no expense, discover and enjoy the story using our search tool.

We are more than a digital archive.

We have a service which allows real-world visitors to a memorial or marker to connect to online stories. A special address placed there takes visitors directly to the related story where they’ll be able to unfurl their imaginations with your text, audio, graphics, photos, video, maps, only available via the internet.

Edit and add to stories, including audio and video

We encourage admirers of the story to reach out with exciting tidbits to share. Unlike inscriptions of a stonemason, you may continuously refresh the virtual story.

Historians and researchers will give depth to the story

Asks our Story Development Support Team

Genealogical researchers help you find new branches of a family tree

Asks our Story Development Support Team

Professional video editing, including narration and high-quality filming

Asks our Story Development Support Team

Search engine optimization

Make the story rise to the top of browser search results.

Designate successor storyteller and pass down oversight to the next generations

Once ready to hand over that critical role, you choose who follows in your custodial footsteps.

Keep watch with our Online Caretaker

It encourages reporting maintenance issues at memorials and markers.

Let Us Show our Gratitude

Available free to "active" status StoryTellers: give others, or even yourself, a 1-Year Basic Plan subscription which can be used to activate additional stories to the collection.

Making your story stand out

  • Do you bring a fascinating subject relevant to your target audience yet need background research? 
    Our experienced genealogical and historical researchers can help fill those gaps.
  • Do you bring research and anecdotes, but the best wording escapes you?
    Our writers can adeptly develop an engaging story. We produce quality audio and video options.
  • Do you bring a story with engaging content yet still question if it is easy to read?
    That is our copy editors’ expertise. We’ll craft a story fit for publication.
  • Do you bring a complete story ready for all the internet community to enjoy?
    Let us publish! Whether it is organizing an engaging photo gallery or presenting maps to support the narrative, we work closely to make sure the published story meets your expectations.
  • See how a story looks.
    Fisher and Clara Sayre
  • Story Development Support Team
    Genealogists, writers, videographers, copy editors – become a resource for others needing your talents.  The Story Development Team, comprised of skilled professionals, wants to hear from you.

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Other Resources

An effective way to enhance a story is to use audio.

Here's an example written and narrated by Bob Roe Scott:
Listen to highlights of Sayre's memorable and sometimes humorous life.



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