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Older generation sharing her stories with younger generation.

QR Code Display installed. Scan it and the story behind who is being memorialized is revealed.Check out this feature!

Visitors to gravestones or other markers have a special treat.  It expands their experience. 

We whimsically call it the “ARE” feature – Augmented Reality Experience.

There, smartphone cameras scan tailor-made ceramic tiles. Then voilà … the story behind the memorial, along with pictures, unfolds right on the spot! 

See for yourself ⇒  an “ARE” demonstration

Sharing one's story.Storytelling


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– an acclaimed resource for identifying and documenting an individual’s roots –

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– a natural outgrowth and complement to Ancestry!
A Visitor to a Story found here, using a link to an Ancestry tree, can delve into the Subject’s genealogy.
As for resources beyond those of Ancestry, regardless of where a digital genealogic record resides, that tree can be linked within a Peek Into The Past story.


We’re Losing Generations of Family History Because We Don’t Share Our Stories
But here’s how to get your kids, siblings, and parents talking.