Peek·into·the·Past is different!

Several reputable organizations make posting stories online available, e.g.,,, or


But Peek·into·the·Past exceeds that …


  • StoryTelling is foremost with Peek Into The Past! Stories are the heart of what connects us.  Peek Into The Past blows past being a digital archiving service.
  • Stories are not limited to only those who are invited but may be read without charge by all with internet access.
  • StoryTellers can enhance Stories at any time.
  • Peek Into The Past strives via authentication to prevent story entries from claiming a false identity. Story visitors can enjoy confidence in what they glean or take away.
  • Upon reading a Story, visitors with tidbits to share may contact its StoryTeller and engage in conversation without sharing contact details – those are always private.  That said, of course, each may, on their own, share them.
  • Nothing to join; no subscription is required, but two are available. Each offers benefits to suit your needs.  One is the low price of $24 per year.  The $48 subscription locks that rate forever, and the number of pictures, videos, and the like posted is unlimited!
  • Subscribers may designate who oversees the Story content once ready to pass on that critical role.
  • Be sure to look at the Augmented Reality Experience feature – it’s a fascinating use of cutting-edge technology. Visitors to a memorial can meanwhile easily access the related story.


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