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Peek·Into·The·Past is a dynamic platform where stories can be continually modified or expanded.

Stories may be short, in-depth, or somewhere in between.  Beyond a few basics, that is left up to you.

Don’t feel like all your thoughts must be clear and complete before sharing them. Start with the clear ones, and you can always come back to add more as your thoughts become clearer.

Required Components


To establish a story’s credibility, these components are required:

  • StoryTeller’s Name and Email Address.  A copy of your current official State identification with personal identifying information redacted (obscured) except for the name and address (and the photo, if choosing to publish a self-image) must be submitted.  ONLY the name will be published.  The copy must show the validation date and official State identification markings.   Using that address, a letter will be mailed to the StoryTeller to acknowledge the ownership of the provided email address.  Peek·into·the·Past strives to prevent Story entries from claiming a false identity and ensure Visitors can contact the StoryTeller.  The Administrator will relay all Visitor communication directed to the StoryTeller; the Administrator will neither reveal the StoryTeller’s nor the Visitors’ email addresses.
  • An open link to a digital genealogic record of the Subject (not applicable for stories of places or events); alternatively, present a “Relationship Chart,” a “Pedigree Chart,” or a “Descendant Chart.”  The StoryTeller’s relationship with the subject must appear in the genealogic record/chart; otherwise, StoryTeller will be identified as “Unassociated with the Subject.”
  • Subject’s Name and a brief introduction of the subject.  If a memorial exists, use the name as it appears; photo requested.
  • Location of the memorial if one is known to exist (physical address, GPS address, site map/diagram, cemetery name, or other identifying details).  If the Augmented Reality Experience is to be utilized, a customized ceramic tile will be produced.  It will be affixed to the memorial or installed next to it using a display to hold the tile.

Encouraged Components

Many tools are available to share the Story, and you are encouraged to make the most of them. While you only need the "required" components to publish a story, you should also think about using the "optional" components to further enhance it.

Self Portrait of StoryTeller

If choosing to publish an image, it is to resemble that on the submitted State identification.

Dates and places of Subject’s oldest known ancestors

one from each paternal & maternal line

Portrait of Subject

with description

Video, Audio, and/or Images

Strive for production quality & concise content. Please give recognition to the parties who created the recording. (Peek·into·the·Past offers professional narrating, editing, and video and audio production.) All voices and images must be identified with first and last names.

Sketch, drawing, or photo of memorial site

Identification of nearby relatives’ burial sites is encouraged.