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StoryTellers’ costs are modest … for complete details.

  • Free Publishing –

Publish a story with us for the benefit of future generations.

  • Basic Subscription plan $2/Month –

A basic Subscription allows you to edit and update the story to better engage with your visitors. Subscriptions are paid annually.

  • Fixed-Fee Subscription plan $4/Month –

All the benefits of a basic subscription but with additional options to display unlimited media images, audio, and video on the story page. Once you choose the Fixed-Fee package for the story, the price is fixed forever, even for designated future storytellers.

A subscriber can always move from one subscription plan to the other.  Current Basic plan subscribers who have previously subscribed to the Fixed-Fee plan and now switch back to the Fixed-Fee plan benefit from the frozen rate.

  • Augmented Reality Experience ‘ARE’ –

A one-time fee makes it possible for real-world visitors to a memorial or marker to connect to online stories using a smartphone camera; having the benefit of the story at hand, their visits come to life! 

  • The CLASSY Bundle:             $125

    • 1 Year Fixed-Fee Plan subscription includes unlimited Gallery digital media.
    • Activation of the “ARE” feature (Augmented Reality Experience) and generation of the Story’s related unique “QR” (Quick Response) Code.
    • Ceramic tile, all-weather durable, and long-lasting, showing the unique “QR” Code. A $95 value.  Material for bonding tile to a display is included.
    • Optional bundle component: “QR” Code Display, engineered with all weather-proof material and a life expectancy exceeding 50 years, is designed to exhibit the “QR” Code handsomely. Useful particularly for situations when displaying the tile directly on a severely deteriorated memorial might not be appropriate. Features a commemorative flag holder and a complimentary US flag. Regularly $100, but only by ordering it along with the Classy Bundle, available for $15 savings. Additional $85. We are confident in its durability; we want your lifetime satisfaction. Return it in the first 30 days and get 100% refunded; after that, a 20% restocking fee is retained.
    • Search Engine Optimization: “SEO” finds people interested in the Story and then calls it to their attention.

  • Additional Services –

Other valuable optional services and features do bear a nominal charge, although many are built into the Fixed-Fee plan.


Curious to know more?

Do you have interest in a currently published Story?

A StoryTeller of a published story may relinquish that key role for various reasons.

Hold a place in line to assume oversight once it becomes available.  Let us know now – it is first come, first serve.  Your priority will be established.

Should the story become “inactive,” or if the StoryTeller elects to hide the story from view (or another possibility is when the active StoryTeller who has not designated a Succeeding StoryTeller desires to transfer control), you will be in line to be its StoryTeller.

⇒ Tap here if you want to be a succeeding StoryTeller