PEEK into the PAST

About us and our mission
  • Treasured stories of the past, and appreciation of them, are being lost!  Peek·into·the·Past uniquely captures events and circumstances then knits together generations.  Come stand in their shoes for their story to be revealed.  Come hear and see story enriched far beyond the stone and plaque memorial inscriptions.  A bit of joy and perhaps even peace will be found along the way.
  • Utilizing “Quick Response” (QR) code technology, one can honor and commemorate a cherished legacy.  Ceramic tiles imprinted with a unique QR Code are installed alongside a memorial.   A smart phone scans the code; instantly the memories are brought to life with audio, video, text, maps, images, charts, and links to detailed records –  right on the spot!

Visitors ask how they themselves can memorialize a story.  Become a Story-teller’ …

The process is designed to be simple.  Then, the visitor to that memorial you have created, with the ease of their smart phone, can discover a priceless story.

Be the one!  Preserve that story you hold dear.

Creators: Jim Rothgeb & Bob Scott