Formal Request to Post an Insight within an “Active” status Story

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Visitors are encouraged to bring to a StoryTeller’s attention relevant and interesting details. That said, the story is the StoryTeller’s perspective of the subject; and Visitors should not expect their input to always be adopted.

If the StoryTeller approves and upon payment by the Visitor of $15 maintenance fee to Peek·into·the·Past, anyone may post an insight within the story; it may later be removed at will by the StoryTeller.

An ancestor, descendant or anyone identified within the story who presents a discrepancy between a story detail and their own view, after a 6-month consultation period with the StoryTeller, may note the issue as a differing insight with payment by Visitor of $15 maintenance fee per each difference.

If the Visitor is not related to the Subject, removal of the Visitor’s name from the Story will prevent the differing viewpoint from being posted. Relatives and others mentioned within the Story will be able to have the discrepancy noted if left unresolved after a six-month period since the initial inquiry.