Submit Story for publication

When is this form to be used?

A story-teller uses this form to submit a story for initial publication.  If intending to make changes to a published story, use instead the form “Modify a published story“.

Instructions –

This form has both required (indicated by “*”) and optional components.  Read the workpaper outline, then gather your thoughts – what precisely is a Visitor to come away with?  Examples of stories showing a variety of component presentations are available for review and are referenced under the sub-menu Guide to Becoming a Story-teller.  If you would like assistance in composing your story, here are several ways we can help.

Submit the form only after ALL details and files to build your story (required and optional) are gathered.  Partial submissions with intentions to provide additional information in a second pre-publication submission are discouraged.  Ensuring accuracy in publishing the story, any submission must be entirely replaced should there be a subsequent submission.  Please know there will be opportunity to review and polish the draft before the story is published.   (Once published, Story-tellers are encouraged to modify their story as further details of the subject become known; refer to the Terms of service.)