QR Code tile and display installation

You will need a shovel, tape measure, one cubic foot of river pebbles, or similar-sized marble chips or crushed stone.

Your display is mounted on a sturdy post – 32″ long – eighteen inches are to be buried.  QR Code display post


You will be given two 6-inch aluminum rods; insert them in the openings near the bottom of the post, as shown here.  Together with the pebbles or stones, they secure the display in place.

Open an 8–12-inch diameter hole twenty inches deep. Then fill the hole with 2 inches of the stone and lower the display (with the rods installed).  Being cautious of the display’s orientation, fill the gap with more stone to within 4 inches of the surface.

Preparing hole for installation of QR Code displayFinal phase of QR Code display installation

Your customized ceramic tile is adhered to the display using E6800 adhesive.  You will need to pick up a tube and follow its directions.

E6800 UV Industrial Adhesive Clear is a medium viscosity, perchloroethylene adhesive used for marine and outdoor applications.

  • Temperature resistant – unaffected by extreme heat or cold once cured

Tube of adhesive for bonding WR Code tile to a display or memorial

Your handsome display, along with your customized QR Code tile, securely installed, and complimentary stick USA flag

Complete re-filling of the hole using the ground material removed earlier.

Installed QR Code tile proudly displaying a US flag