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To Protect your Identity

You will be assigned an Identification Passcode.   If you have published a story, you have it already.   To protect your identity, do not share your Identification Passcode. Your unique code serves to authenticate you as the story’s active StoryTeller and to confirm your permission for story and profile modifications which you initiate from time to time.

Assistance completing this form

Peek·into·the·Past offers a rich selection of features to tell your story. Whether researching genealogy or history, writing or editing story content, or simply completing this form, you may seek someone’s assistance. This form is designed with that in mind. It has a “Save and Continue Later” feature which allows for entries to be made for your later review and acceptance. To signify your acceptance, you may be required to provide us with your Identification Passcode. DO NOT SHARE THIS CODE WITH ANYONE even if utilizing others’ assistance. Those assisting could make entries on the form then, using the “Save and Complete Later” feature, send it to you for review and acceptance. At that time, you provide the required Identification Passcode.


This form has required and optional components. Review the various components of a story, then gather your thoughts – what precisely is a Visitor to come away with?  Examples of stories showing a variety of component presentations are available for review and are referenced under the sub-menu Becoming a Teller. If you would like assistance developing your story, here are several ways we can help.

Submit the form only after ALL details and files to build your story (required and optional) are gathered. Partial submissions with intentions to provide additional information in a second pre-publishing submission are discouraged.  That said, even with a complete initial submission, you may wish to make enhancements especially after the first draft.  For the 30 days after the story draft is available, there is opportunity to preview and polish the story – free of charge. (Once published, StoryTellers are encouraged to modify their story as further details of the subject become known; refer to the Terms of service.)


1) Those who never published a story on Peek·into·the·Past, or

2) StoryTellers who need to change their StoryTeller Profile email address or replace their Identification Passcode.

Under these circumstances, those StoryTellers must have their email address authenticated.  Peek·into·the·Past strives to prevent story entries from claiming a false identity. The authentication process includes mailing a code to the StoryTeller and receiving a valid response back.  Of course, this takes a bit of time; there is a way to make the drafting of the story more efficient.

Provide us now with enough details to get the mail on its way to you.  Do not wait for all the story components to be gathered to send us these details in a Submit Story filing.  Follow this link: Initiate Email Address Authentication.  We proceed on the assumption that the required supporting document (to be included with the submission of the story for drafting) matches the information needed here; that will have to be confirmed to complete the authentication process.

Let us know!

As you prepare to submit your story, gladly, we are available to answer questions you may have.  The Visitor Portal is for that purpose.

If modifying a published story, use instead: