How to become a Storyteller

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The process to become a StoryTeller:

  • First, see how we can help; then, let us know your interests and questions.  We ask for broad details that allow a tailored response explaining your steps to becoming a StoryTeller.
  • Afterwards, give us the specifics of what is to appear in your story.  A tool is provided for that purpose.  There are a few required components that establish a story’s credibility.  Beyond that, you determine your story’s content using numerous style choices, whether audio/video clips, charts, text, photos, etc.
  • StoryTellers’ costs as modest – for complete details.  Publishing the story is free!  Choosing the Basic subscription plan allows you to update the story and engage with your visitors – only $2 monthly, paid annually.  The Fixed-Fee subscription plan option allows for more opportunities to update the story and more space to display media like photos and audio.   The Fixed-Fee plan alternative is just $4 monthly, paid annually.
    • As the name implies, the Fixed-Fee plan bears a frozen feature!  If it becomes necessary to increase that subscription rate, the change does not apply to stories that have subscribed to the Fixed-Fee plan – just new ones.  To be clear, once the Fixed-Fee option is chosen for a particular Story, the rate in effect at that time never changes.  The benefit passes on to a Story’s succeeding StoryTellers; it is not just for the first who chooses the Fixed-Fee option.  Also, the plan is renewable any year at your option.
    • A subscriber can move from one subscription type to the other.  StoryTellers who have previously subscribed to the Fixed-Fee plan are currently Basic plan subscribers and switch back to the Fixed-Fee plan benefit from the frozen rate.

A one-time fee makes it possible for visitors to a memorial/marker site to jump into its story using a smartphone camera; having the benefit of your story at hand, their visits come to life!  There are other valuable optional services and features which do bear a charge, although many are built into the Fixed-Fee plan.

Bring Generations Together

⇒ Do you have interest in being the succeeding StoryTeller of a Story currently published on Peek·into·the·Past?

A StoryTeller of a published story may relinquish that key role for various reasons.

Hold a place in line to assume oversight once it becomes available.  Let us know now – it is first come, first serve.  Your priority will be established.

Should the story become “inactive,” or if the StoryTeller elects to hide the story from view (or another possibility is when the active StoryTeller who has not designated a Succeeding StoryTeller desires to transfer control), you will be in line to be its StoryTeller.