Benefits to becoming a StoryTeller

Compile Stories

We offer help compiling the story.

Preserve Stories

Many remarkable stories vanish over time. Do you hold such a treasure? Published it; it survives! You don't need a subscription.

Reach Enthusiasts

Researchers and other enthusiasts quickly discover the story using our search tool.

Promote Refinements

We encourage admirers of the story to reach out with exciting tidbits to share. Unlike inscriptions of a stonemason, you may continuously refresh the virtual story.

Designate Succeeding StoryTeller

You choose who continues, once ready to pass on that key role, oversight of the Story content.

Keep Watch

Utilizing our Online Caretaker feature to encourage reporting from those who come across maintenance issues at memorials/markers, you can guard against the deterioration of that admired place and take corrective action.

Let Us Show our Gratitude

Available to "active" status StoryTellers free of charge: give yourself and others 1-Year Basic Plan subscriptions eligible for activation upon publication of additional stories to the collection.

Here is the result

of becoming a StoryTeller

  • You produce a narrative that is always available to everyone.
  • The story endures even if your subscription lapses.  The cherished story continues connecting people to the past!
  • Your visitors’ imaginations kick in as they hear and see your story unfurl with voice, graphics, photos, video, maps, and tools only available via the internet.  By utilizing flexible and vast publishing resources, your account shines; it is entertaining.  Check out these examples:

Fisher and Clara Sayre

Elbert Lynn Scott


Here is how

to become a StoryTeller

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