Becoming a Story~teller

Team Up with Peek~into~the~Past


Compile Stories

We offer help in the compilation of your story.

Preserve Stories

Many remarkable stories vanish over time. Do you hold such a treasure? Published it; it survives! No subscription necessary.

Reach Enthusiasts

Researchers and other enthusiasts easily discover your story using our search tool.

Promote Refinements

We prompt admirers of your story to reach out with interesting tidbits to share. Unlike inscriptions of a stonemason, you may always dress up your virtual story.

Designate Succeeding Story~Teller

You chose who continues oversight of the Story content once ready to pass on that key role.

Keep Watch

Utilizing our Online Caretaker feature to encourage reporting from those who come across maintenance issues at memorials/markers, you can guard against deterioration of that admired place and take corrective action.

Let Us Show our Gratitude

Available to "active" status Story~Tellers and free of charge: give yourself & others 1-Year Basic Plan subscriptions eligible for activation upon publication of additional stories to the collection.

Here’s the Result

from becoming a Story~Teller

  • You produce a narrative always available to everyone.
  • The story endures even if your subscription lapses.  The cherished story continues connecting people to the past!
  • Your visitors’ imagination kicks in as they hear and see your story unfurl with voice, graphics, photos, video, maps, and tools only available via the internet.  By utilizing flexible and vast publishing resources, your account shines; it is entertaining.  Check out these examples:

Fisher and Clara Sayre

Elbert Lynn Scott

Here’s How

to become a Story~Teller

First, see how we can help and let us know your interests and questions.  We ask for some broad details allowing a response tailored to your circumstances.  Then, your steps to become a Story~Teller are explained.

Afterwards, give us the specifics of what is to appear in your story.  A tool is provided for that purpose.  There are a few required components; they establish a story’s credibility.  Beyond that, using numerous choices of style, whether it be audio/video clips, charts, text, photos, etc., you determine your story’s content.

Story~Tellers’ costs are modest.  Publishing of your story is free!  The Basic plan provides an opportunity to update your story and engage with your visitors – only $2 monthly paid annually.  The Fixed-Fee option allows more opportunities to update your story and more space to display media like photos and audio.  As implied in its name, the Fixed-Fee plan bears a frozen feature!  Meaning, if it becomes necessary to increase that subscription rate, the change does not apply to your published story – just new ones.  Also, it is renewable any year at your option.  A subscriber is at liberty to move from one subscription type to the other.  The Fixed-Fee plan alternative is just $4 monthly paid annually.  A one-time fee makes it possible for visitors to a memorial/marker site to jump into its story using a smartphone camera; having the benefit of your story at hand, their visits come to life!  There are other valuable optional services and features which do bear a charge, although many are built into the Fixed-Fee plan.

Bring Generations Together

Submit A Story

~ Have interest in an existing story?

A Story~Teller of a published story may choose to relinquish that key role for a variety of reasons.  Hold a place in line to assume it once it becomes available.

Let us know now – it is first come, first serve.  Your priority will be established.  Should the story become “inactive”, or if the Story~Teller elects to hide the story from view (or another possibility is when the active Story~Teller who has not designated a Succeeding Story~Teller desires to transfer control), you will be in line to be its Story~Teller.