Request a Story be identified “Inactive”

This form is used to 1) designate the Succeeding Story-teller, and/or 2) request a story be identified inactive.
I hereby authorize the transfer of my role as Story-teller for the story subject named below to the individual named below once the story is identified as "inactive". I reserve a right to withdraw or modify this authorization by filing a subsequent designation of the Succeeding Story-teller.
This field must match the published Story title including all name and date details.
The Identification Passcode is that which Peek Into The Past provided you once your story was published (or restored from an inactive status). It serves to authenticate your permission for story and profile modifications.


Are you electing to designate the Succeeding Story-teller for this Subject Story? If so, this designation supersedes that, if any, currently on file.


Stories identified as "inactive":

A story identified as inactive remains published and is available for Visitors to enjoy. A story becomes so identified upon any of these occasions: 1) a Story-teller is non-responsive to Visitor inquiries or to Peek Into The Past, 2) any required information of both the subject and Story-teller is withdrawn, 3) if requested, a current photo of the subject's memorial with the QR Code present is not provided, 4) account fees are more than 30 days outstanding, or 5) a Story-teller requests their story be identified as "inactive" and its effective date has been reached. Once "inactive" the Story-teller role becomes vacated and the withdrawn Story-teller surrenders control of that story content and will not incur further fees. The role of Story-teller of an inactive story becomes eligible for another interested individual to obtain.
I understand requesting a story be identified as inactive is not a requirement in making a valid designation of Succeeding Story-teller. However, the role of Story-teller cannot be transferred as long as the story remains active. A Story-teller of an active story may be ready to surrender that role; this optional request is used for such purpose.
This is the date the filing becomes effective.

Upon submitting,

you will be provided a record of the filing details. If there is a misstatement, please re-submit the filing.

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