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Elbert Lynn Scott signed portrait “To Martha, All my love, Lynn”

Born May 27, 1922, in Moran, Shackelford, Texas as the first child of Egbert Monroe Scott and Myrtle Jane (Morrison) Scott.  He had five siblings, namely: Robert Oren, Jack Edward, Roger Coleman, Jo Ann, and Mary Jean.  Lynn died as a result of a vehicle accident in Albany, Texas on June 8, 1974 at age 52.  When he was 26, he married Martha Jean Avent in October, 1948.  Three years later on September 25, 1951, their son, Bob Roe Scott, was born weighing 6 pounds, 12 ounces in San Angelo, Texas.  When he was 38, he married Dorothy Woodward in San Angelo, Texas.  There were no children born to that marriage.   Though they remained friends the rest of his life, the marriage survived only two years.

Lynn was born and raised in Shackelford County, Texas.  He served in the military during World War II in the Army, surviving the D Day operation in Normandy, France.  Employed as a linesman with Santa Fe Railroad, his work required frequent relocation within Texas and New Mexico repairing company property.  He was known to hold membership in a Masonic Lodge.

Lynn’s early life was impacted by the Great Depression and likely more significantly by the Dust Bowl between 1931-1939.  The Dust Bowl was a period of repeating destructive dust storms in the southern plains of the United States.  They were caused by severe drought that occurred after years of deep plowing which took away the grassy ground cover that previously held the soil in place.  Once exposed, the soil was dried and whipped by terrific winds creating billowing clouds of dust to the skies.  Because of the physical and economic effects, hundred of thousands of people were forced to leave their homes to seek a better life elsewhere.  As those storms were ending, Lynn enlisted in the Army.  Seeing action during World War II left him like many with horrors for the rest of his life.  Later wars, the Korean and Vietnam, no doubt re-kindled those dreadful memories.  Late in his life the first person lands on the moon.

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Moran Cemetery in Moran, TX. GPS Coordinates: 32.5433, -99.1392.


Oldest Known Ancestors

Elbert Lynn Scott {1922 – 1974}
PATERNAL LINE, year 1725
MATERNAL LINE, year 1847
PATERNAL LINE, year 1901
MATERNAL LINE, year 1789


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