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Last Updated: December 1, 2018

Fisher and Clara (Lieving) Sayre married in 1892 in Mason County, WV; they both were born and raised in Mason among large farming families.  Their first of eight children was born nine months later.  Their second was born just less than 6 months after that.  Child number three did not arrive for another 21 months.  These three babies and their sixth one lived full lives.  However, Fisher and
Clara had four other children which died in infancy – Mirtle, Everet, Pauline Alberta, and an un-named male.  These babies are buried here in their homeland – Sayre Cemetery (aka Roanoke Cemetery), Letart, WV.

Story-teller James A Rothgeb, Great-Nephew


Oldest Known Ancestors

Infant Sayre Children
PATERNAL LINE, year 1474
MATERNAL LINE, year 1718
PATERNAL LINE, year 1810
MATERNAL LINE, year 1620


Sayre Cemetery at Mount Alto, WV

5211 Chestnut Ridge Rd.