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We can help!  If you would like assistance in composing your modifications, here are several ways we can help.

If no assistance is needed to develop story content, a Story-teller uses this form to submit a modification(s) to a story and/or the Story-teller's own profile. For an initial submission use "Submit story for publication" form.
The Identification Passcode is that which Peek Into The Past provided you once your story was published (or restored from inactive status). It serves to authenticate your permission for story and profile modifications.

Story-teller's profile:

Has your name or address changed?
Has you choice changed regarding the publishing of your self-image?


Subject profile:

There should not be a change here unless there also has been a change to the subject's memorial.
This field must match the published story title including all name and date details.
Such a photo might not be possible say due to weather related decay. Even in that instance a photo of the memorial enhances the story. If a memorial photo has already been published but you wish to change it, the update can be submitted here.
If your published story already includes a portrait of the subject, the image provided here will be its replacement. You may choose to include the replaced image in the gallery portion of your story by adding it to the section below - Video, Audio, and/or Images.
If the subject of the story is of an individual versus a place or event, identification of nearby relatives' burial sites is encouraged. This image would allow a Visitor at the site to locate subject relatives memorialized nearby.
If providing a site map/diagram of the memorial's location, identify nearby roads.
Do you desire to modify the subject's genealogic record?
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Is there media to add to the story? As the story-teller, the opportunities to enhance your entry are almost boundless. Video, audio, and still-image complimenting your story may be uploaded here. Strive for production quality and concise content. Please give recognition to parties who created the recording. (Peek into the Past offers professional narrating, editing, and production of video and audio.) All voices and faces must be identified with first and last name.
Are there videos, audios, images, sketches, or drawings currently part of your story which you want removed. Give their description here. Otherwise simply state there are none to remove. For modifications to media presently part of the story, describe it here and add the revised media to the previous field.

Story Narrative:

Visitors particularly enjoy the story-teller's personal insights and reflections. A narrative type format is perfectly suited for sharing those; it allows for free-form expression of the story-teller's passion for the subject. Narrative is a terrific way to pull story components together making them easily relatable. Below are two ways to provide a narrative - simply write it in the text field or prepare it as a separate document and upload the file.
This field must match the published story title including all name and date details.


Upon submitting,

you will be provided a record of the filing details. If there is a misstatement, please re-submit your filing.

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