1800 - 1862

Martha Patsey (Bruce) Scott {1800-1862}

Scott Chapel Cemetery, Hill County, TX

Spring bluebonnets blooming at Scotts Chapel Cemetery

Last Updated: July 8, 2023

Martha Patsey (Bruce) Scott

Martha’s story is being written…
Bob Roe Scott, 3rd Great Grandson image
Bob Roe Scott, 3rd Great Grandson

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Scott’s Chapel Cemetery is in Hill County, Texas.

Examine her genealogical record.

Scott’s Chapel Cemetery is in Hill County, Texas.  Traveling 7.2 miles westward of Interstate 35 along county road 1304 and then southward 1.2 miles along Hill County road (HCR) 2234, the cemetery is just off the road.  GPS coordinates 31.835633 and -97.185108.


Martha Patsey Bruce Scott memorial bench

Located within Scotts Chapel Cemetery, Martha Scott is memorialized.

Scott Chapel Cemetery map

Martha Patsey Bruce Scott’s relationship to Martha Nancy Coleman

Martha Patsey Bruce Scott’s relationship to Larie Lazineth Laumier

Martha Patsey Bruce Scott’s relationship to Bob Roe Scott

Martha Patsey Bruce Scott’s pedigree


Oldest Known Ancestors

Martha Patsey (Bruce) Scott


  1. Celia Allen
    1. Maternal Line

      Prince George, Virginia / 1712

    2. Paternal Line

      Ponds Hall, Boxted, Essex, England / 1533

  2. Arnold Bruce
    1. Maternal Line

      North Carolina / 1733

    2. Paternal Line

      Goochland, Virginia / 1730

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