Hide a Story

Use this form to make a story invisible on Peek Into The Past to the public.
Upon submitting this form, I hereby elect to hide this story.
This field must match the published story title including all name and date details.
The Identification Passcode is that which Peek Into The Past provided you once the story was published (or restored from inactive status). It serves to authenticate your permission for story and profile modifications.


In making the election to hide the story, the Story-teller henceforth completely disassociates from the story. Subject to copyright protection, a hidden story does not preclude another Story-teller from publishing the same details. You may choose to allow Peek into the Past to share your details with any succeeding Story-teller. In turn, Peek into the Past will strive for the creativity credit stipulated in your story be also recognized in any succeeding story of the subject.
Electing to hide a story results in the removal of all relevant details from public view. If you wish for the story to remain available for Visitors to enjoy but no longer want to be active nor incur fees, this is NOT the form to file. Instead file "Request a story be identified as inactive".
This is the date the filing becomes effective.

Upon submitting,

you will be provided a record of the filing details. If there is a misstatement, please re-submit your filing.

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