Celebrate the past — inform our future

Storytelling — a bold approach of connecting people to their past.  Every family has a story to tell; let us help you tell yours.

Say I learn great-grandpa’s actions defended my civil liberties.  Thinking that over, I realize my own station in life is at least partially owing to Grandpa.  Then to boot, being inspired, I set out to make my own mark.

Benefits of being a Peek Into The Past Story-teller …

Compiles stories

We offer several ways to assist in the compilation of your story.

Preserves stories

Many remarkable stories vanish over time.  Do you hold such a treasure?  Published it; it survives!

Reaches enthusiasts

Researchers and other enthusiasts easily discover your story using our search tool.

Promotes refinements

We prompt admirers of your story to reach out with interesting tidbits to share.  Unlike inscriptions of a stonemason, you may always dress up your virtual story.

Keeps watch

Utilizing our Online Caretaker feature encouraging reports from those who come across maintenance issues at memorials/markers, you can guard against deterioration of that admired place and take corrective action.

Celebrate the past.  Inform the future.  Preserve that story you hold dear!