Peek into the Past

Become a Story-teller
  • Imagine a cherished Story, about a loved one or an event or place, told using voice, text, graphics, illustration, photograph, dynamic mapping, and techniques only available via the internet.  Limited only by one’s imagination, the Story may be personalized in a variety of fashions.  Now also imagine that Story being told to everyone who visits that subject’s memorial site.  By digitally ‘inscribing’ the Story onto a highly polished ceramic tile mounted at the site, visitors hear and see the Story on their smart phone.  Here are a few examples: Fisher and Clara Sayre; Ruth Rothgeb Cratin; Elbert Lynn Scott; and Sam Spencer Smith.
  • Virtual inscriptions, unlike those of a stonemason, are easily modified for details revealed after the first ‘etching’.  So if a visitor reaches out to share a particularly interesting insight, the Story-teller can choose to enrich the Story at any time.
  • Preservation and dissemination of the Story are paramount.  So should the Story-teller no longer be active, the Story survives. The Story-teller chooses when and to whom to transfer their role.
  • Protecting a memorial site’s solemnity, keeping a watchful eye out for vandalism and maintenance concerns, is important, too.  Inviting memorial Visitors to report such issues, the Story-teller may facilitate corrective action – a role of Online Caretaker.

A Story-teller’s costs are modest.  Let us know your interest so the simple details can be explained.  There is an annual fee toward website server and development costs equal to $2 monthly.  There is no fee to publish the Story.  One time fees are incurred around the production of the ceramic tile necessary for smart phones to capture the Story.  There are optional services and features which do bear a charge and will be laid out in detail.

Maintaining Story continuity is another important strength at Peek·into·the·Past.  Tell us of your interest in a particular Story, and you will be notified once the current Story-teller desires to transfer control.  This opportunity might also arise should the entry become “Inactive” or “Unlisted”.  However, any “Transferee Party” designated by the Story-teller has first claim to the opportunity.

Celebrate a treasured Story for ages to come.  Become a Story-teller!